14th October 2020

Announcing our Professional Membership Plan for skewAnalytics.

Our new professional membership plan for skewAnalytics will officially launch next week. It will provide our institutional users with access to our leading data analytics platform for cryptocurrency spot, futures and options.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that our subscribers will now be able to access our proprietary datasets in CSV format using our newly launched data download service

Two years after the launch of our platform, we have made the decision to start charging for our services so we can accelerate our development and deliver on an ambitious roadmap for our users, which will see the following new features being rolled out over the coming months:

  • Upgraded real-time market coverage;
  • Cross-asset dashboards;
  • Enhanced Volatility Analytics;
  • DeFi & On-chain Analytics;
  • Historical & Real-time Data API;
  • Chart Studio.

Our mission at skew is to contribute to the growth of cryptocurrency markets by unlocking institutional adoption. Since launch,  we have built relationships with leading exchanges, banks, trading firms and research outlets, more than 1200 firms in total related to financial services. We are excited to invest further in our institutional-grade offering and deliver on our mission with the support of our professional members.

We are also committed to continue playing our part in educating the broader ecosystem. Although it will now be necessary to subscribe to skewAnalytics in order to access our Market Data Dashboards, our community and professional non subscribers will continue to enjoy free access to an increasing number of best-in-class exchange dashboards as well as our daily insights on twitter.  

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The skew. Team