25th March 2021

How bitcoin options traders gain an edge with skewAnalytics.

Friday marks the first quarterly options expiry of 2021, with 118k bitcoin options dropping off!

Options traders from some of the largest trading firms are using skewAnalytics to track the market into this event and inform their decision making in real-time. With more than 40 visualizations related to options, skewAnalytics provides the breadth and depth of data needed to build bespoke views of the options market for bitcoin, ether, or both. 

Using our new dashboard sharing functionality, we wanted to let you know about some of the ways options traders are using skew.

Click on this options custom dashboard below, try creating your own or sharing it with your team!


Most derivatives contracts in crypto are cash-settled making it essential to keep an eye on the spot market. Skew offers spot market data for BTC and ETH from the top crypto exchanges including charts on aggregated daily volumes and order book depth.

Fixed strike vol moves

Fixed strike vol moves across maturities allow traders to take the pulse of the options market as well as compute the mark to market with vega PnL.

Options block monitor

The options block monitor allows traders to keep track in real-time of the largest options prints as well as the levels they are being crossed at.

Realized volatility

Realized volatility across different tenors is a core input to options pricing.

Options parameters

Looking at implied volatility, skew and term structure, along with many other parameters help options traders design sophisticated strategies as well as strong market making strategies. 

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