3rd December 2020

Introducing support for Deribit cryptocurrency futures and options block trades on skewTrading.

Options is the fastest growing segment of cryptocurrency capital markets with Deribit pioneering the product since the very beginning. 

Skew is very pleased to launch support for Deribit cryptocurrency futures and options block trades, further contributing to the growth of this nascent market by allowing for the first time seamless access to block liquidity on a regulated trade execution platform. 

Zero fees

Skew is delighted to share that brokerage fees will be waived for Deribit products. You can preview our RFQ service and state of the art platform on our demo environment here.

Regulated platform

At skew, we take regulatory compliance seriously. skew is registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority as an appointed representative of Kyte Broking Limited, an established interdealer broker headquartered in London. 

All members of the skewTrading platform are subject to rigorous Know Your Client due diligence prior to onboarding with skew. This means that our clients will only ever trade against other institutional customers that have been adequately vetted under our Anti-Money Laundering policy.

Furthermore, skew meets its other regulatory obligations, including record keeping and suspicious activity reporting, and has in place a trade surveillance and monitoring framework to prevent and detect any instances of market abuse practices.

Growing community

Our goal is to enable cryptocurrency institutional adoption by building an integrated platform allowing our clients to track cryptocurrency markets and consume liquidity in the same place.

Starting today, clients* that onboard with skewTrading and complete five trades on the platform will be eligible for a 20% membership discount for skewAnalytics for the next year. This can be compounded with an extra 20% discount if you take an annual subscription.

We look forward to hearing from you, our team is here to help!

Find out more

Our team would be happy to set up some time to discuss how we can continue to support your needs or answer any questions you may have. Please book in some time with us here.

The skew. Team

*All applicants for skewTrading must meet our minimum eligibility criteria prior to being considered for a trading account. This includes: being classified as either a Professional Client or Eligible Counterparty under MiFID; at all times, meeting the requirements of either the CME or Deribit’s exchange rulebook; and any other pre-account eligibility checks, as specified in section 4 of the skewTrading Rulebook.