13th April 2020

Announcing skewAnalytics. Hosting Services launch and our collaboration with OKEx

We are pleased to announce today the launch of skewAnalytics Hosting Services, a new service allowing our corporate clients to host on skew.com a dedicated public dashboard suited to their objectives.

We have recently seen rapid growth in the number of companies looking to expand their reach towards professional investors. Yet the majority of existing cryptocurrency data analytics platforms were designed for retail users. These platforms do not provide the product coverage and format needed by professional market participants.

Skew is one of the fastest growing networks of professional cryptocurrency investors. Our dashboards are used by leading market participants on a daily basis with more than 750 firms signed up to the service since its launch last year. We believe the skew platform is a natural solution for companies (exchanges, OTC desks, ETP/ETF issuers, custodians, token projects) looking to increase awareness about their products and grow their professional user base.

Using our library of 100+ custom charts, our team can cover everything from the simplest products to the most complex indicators, building and delivering an unparalleled real-time experience to professional investors. The newly built dedicated dashboards will be transparently disclosed in a new Sponsored section.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with OKEx, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, as our first customer to the service. We worked with the OKEx team to roll out in three weeks a dedicated OKEx Dashboard covering futures and options, starting our joint collaboration to promote greater exchange transparency for the industry.

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The skew. Team